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Choosing an LSAT Test Date

Lsat Test Dates

The LSAT is given in each area, four times a year. The LSAT dates are predetermined well in advance, so that students have ample time to prepare before they take the LSAT.

Students may take the test as many tines as they wish, but each score from the last five years will be reported to the schools at which they apply. However, students may also select new LSAT dates if they feel that they did poorly on the test. They simply must cancel their score within six days of taking the test, before the score is reported. Although schools will still be aware that they took that test on that particular date, the school will not receive the score.

Students are aware of the LSAT test dates for the entire year, well in advance. This allows students to have ample time to prepare and practice for the test, in addition to knowing when and where the test will be.

Once students have determined which LSAT dates work best for them, they must sign up for the test. Students should be prepared to be fingerprinted in order to be sure that the identity and fingerprints of the test taker match. This is done to prevent cheating, such as students paying someone else to take the test.

In addition, students should note that on different LSAT test dates, and even within one tests date, there will be different versions of the test present. This is again done to prevent cheating, as students would likely be unable to guess which order the questions will be in.

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