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What Does Your LSAT Score Mean?

Lsat Scores

There are five multiple choice sections, including one experimental section and a writing sample section included on the LSAT. Scores are calculated on each section and then the median score, minus the experimental section, are used to find the median LSAT score.

Unlike the SAT, an LSAT score is not based on percentiles, because raw questions give test takers a raw score and the scale on which that can be placed, is determined before the test is administered. Once raw scores have been adjusted, they can be placed on a bell curve. LSAT scoring is influenced by the experimental sections of the exam, even though that section does not count on scoring. For example, one student may have gotten ten questions wrong on the test and another only one, but if the wrong answers were found in the experimental section, those two students may get the same LSAT score.

LSAT scoring includes a report of all of a student’s scores in the last five years. Students that believe that they have done poorly can cancel their tests score report within six days, but it must be before their score is reported.

Students can also appeal LSAT scoring of they feel that someone present is guilty of misconduct. In addition, students may challenge specific questions on the exam and on occasion, students have won that appeal and had a specific question omitted from their LSAT score.

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What is the LSAT? What is the LSAT?