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LSAT: All You Need to Know

Lsat Overview


The LSAT is the Law School Admissions Test which students must take before they apply for law school. Students may take the test more than once, but every score from the last five years, will be reported to the school.

LSAT scores

LSAT scores are calculated on each section and those scores are then used to find a median score. Although the experimental sections are scored, that score does not count toward the median score, it is simply used to determine which questions should be added to the LSAT in the future.

LSAT percentiles

Students will answer questions on several sections on the LSAT, as well as complete a writing sample. Those scores are determined independently and then a median score is determined. Finally, the median score is placed on a bell curve, which is the range at which the student falls within average LSAT scores.

LSAT forum

LSAT forums are often offered in conjunction with LSAT prep classes. Students can ask questions during the forum and students often help each other to better understand the concepts which will be present on the LSAT.

LSAT Test dates

The LSAT is given at each location, four times a year. The LSAT test dates are determined well in advance, giving students ample time to prepare.

LSAT logic games

LSAT logic games are utilized to help students prepare for the LSAT test. Many questions on the test include logic problems, which students should practice in order to improve their chances of getting a higher score.

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