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Facts About Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School

The Vermont Law School is a private law school accredited by the American Bar Association. It is located in the village of South Royalton in the state of Vermont. The Vermont Law School is one of the leading programs regarding environmental law studies, and its program is currently ranked at number one in the United States for environmental law programs. In previous years, Vermont Law School has always been at the top of the rankings for environmental law programs, never being ranked lower than number two, and already having achieved a number one ranking status on twelve previous occasions.

Vermont Law School was established in 1973, with an inaugural class of only 113 students. Approval from the American Bar Association would two years later, in February of 1975, though only partial. Full accreditation would be earned by 1978. Vermont Law School would eventually become a member of the Association of American Law Schools in 1981.

Enrollment at Vermont Law School is at about 600 students, with a total of 44 members of the faculty. Applicants for Vermont Law School would average at about 155 in the LSAT tests, with a median GPA of 3.3. The Bar Pass Rate for the Vermont Law School is currently at about 85%. Tuition for Vermont Law School is at about $39,000 a year.

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