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Facts About Vanderbilt Law School

Vanderbilt Law School

Vanderbilt Law School is one of the oldest law schools in the southern United States, being established in 1874. The Vanderbilt Law School is located in Nashville, Tennessee, making one of the top law schools on the Eastern seaboard. In terms of national considerations, Vanderbilt Law has consistently ranked in the top twenty law schools in the country.

One of the main focuses that Vanderbilt Law prides itself is in having small classes, providing for the best learning collegiate environment. Enrollment of students is at about 630, with classes holding less than 200 students at the entering level. Aside from law degrees, Vanderbilt Law School allows for dual degree programs, such as in economics, constitutional law, international law, and environmental law.

Admissions for Vanderbilt Law are extremely selective, receiving over 4,000 applications each year, with less than 1,000 actually receiving offers for enrollment. Out of those receiving offers, only about 200 will enter Vanderbilt Law each year. The average LSAT scores for prospective students are about 170, with GPA figures of 3.7. Students that enter Vanderbilt Law School will tend to have experience or degrees in fields such as business, public policy, and the various sciences. Nearly half of Vanderbilt Law students are women, with a total of 21% of students being minorities. The Bar Pass Rate for Vanderbilt Law School is nearly 98%, proving to be among the highest percentages in the country. The annual tuition for Vanderbilt Law is about $45,000.

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