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Facts About University of Miami School of Law

University Of Miami School Of Law

The University of Miami School of Law is a privately funded, nationally recognized institution aimed at preparing students for the serious and professional study of the law. This law school has been open to college graduates interested in the further study of legal theory and practice since 1926, when it was founded a year following the creation of its parent school, the University of Miami, as has its main campus in the Florida city of Coral Gables.

The University of Miami School of Law, which has its facilities on this site, began with a class size of 13 graduates in 1929, and as of the 2010 academic year has a class size of 1,208, taught full-time by 70 professors of law, and part-time by 107 further legal educators. The US News & World Report national survey of American institutions of higher learning currently ranks the University of Miami School of law as being the county’s 60th best.

The University of Miami School of Law currently is administered by Dean Patricia D. White. University of Miami Law School of Law students must pay tuition of $34,652 on a yearly basis. Having met these obligations, enrolled students can choose to take classes toward a Juris Doctor (JD), Masters of Laws (LL.M.), or a combined degree. In terms of the specific LL.M. area, students can specialize in such subjects as International, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Ocean and Coastal, and Tax law, while the J.D. degree offers a grounding in such current areas of interest as Internet- and Islamic law-related issues.

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