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Facts About Tulane Law school

Tulane Law School

Tulane Law School, as can also be referred to as Tulane University Law School, is a privately funded, New Orleans-based legal education institution which has been open to students since 1847. The current Tulane Law School class size is 800, and its Dean is David Meyer. U.S News & World Report places Tulane Law School at #48 among all of the county’s law schools. In other ranking systems, Tulane Law School is more highly positioned, with the Leiter’s Law School Rankings system, based on the average level of academic accomplishment of the overall student body, placing Tulane Law School at position #38 among the county’s array of law schools.

Tulane Law School offers its students the option of concentrating on a comparison and contrast between common and civil law systems. Other noted Tulane Law School programs include specializations in such areas as environmental, sports, and maritime law. Tulane Law School is also known for the Tulane Corporate Law Institute, which focuses on the overall subject of corporate law as well as the more specifically targeted subject of mergers and acquisitions. Tulane Law School students may study toward acquiring a Juris Doctor (J.D.), Master of Law (LL.M.), or Doctor of Laws (S.J.D.) degree.

Allowed Master of Laws specializations comprise, maritime, energy and environmental, American business, international and comparative, and American law. Tulane Law School students must provide legal work on a pro bono basis during their time at the school. Students are offered, in their third year, externships, both in government and in death penalty-related non-profit work.

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