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Facts about Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School is regarded as one of the United States oldest and most renowned educational systems. Harvard is an Ivy League school, dedicated to educating the highest caliber and most diverse set of students. Students from around the United States and over 70 countries throughout the world yearly attend Harvard law school.

Harvard Law is comprised of three degree programs of varying levels; these programs are the Juris Doctor (J.D) which is a three year program devoted to creating a solid foundation surrounding legal educations, and critical thinking of legal matters. The Master of Laws (LL.M) degree is a one year program for individuals who have already completed legal education and often are practicing in law, business, and other fields. The highest degree offered is the Doctor of Juridical Science; this program is for individuals who have completed higher education surrounding law, and wish to gain more experience, in order endeavor in the legal education career path.

For students of Harvard Law School who are pursuing studies on other concentrations, there are various joint degrees options, which marry the elements of both the legal concentration and the other concentration together, for comprehensive education. The courses available through Harvard law school are both set in traditional law education, and contemporary or fledgling law endeavors of the recent age. Because traditional and temporary law courses are offered, the individual is given the opportunity to be well-rounded and highly-knowledgeable of decades’ worth of legal aspects.

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