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Facts About Emory Law School

Emory Law School

Emory Law School is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and is part of Emory University. Emory Law School has a long standing history, being established in 1916, making it among some of the oldest law schools in the American South. Emory Law is often viewed as a top-tier law school in the United States, being ranked in the top 25 of all United States law schools. It was also recently ranked as the most underrated law school in the country.

Admission to Emory Law is very selective, boasting only a 23% acceptance rate, with a total student body of just over 700 with a faculty of about 110. The median LSAT scores for Emory Law are 165, with a median GPA score of 3.5. The student body of Emory is almost equally divided, with almost 50% of the students being women. About 32% of the population is from minority groups.

Emory Law School's reputation is well known, and is reflected by the fact that more than half of the students in attendance are from outside of the southeast region of the United States. Tuition for Emory Law is just over $41,000, though other costs such as living expenses and materials are estimated to be at over $23,000. However, Emory Law has proven to have excellent job and career statistics, with over 70% of its graduates obtaining positions at law firms.

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