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Facts about Duke Law School

Duke Law School

Duke Law School has had a tumultuous past, being a law department program started in the early 1800s, under stable conditions, which was shut down in 1894. However, there was a rebirth and reinvention of the Duke Law School in 1905, when James Buchanan Duke gave substantial funding to reopen the law school, and reshape the courses, to fit the current trend of law education.

From 1905 onward, Duke Law School has grown and flourished into highly acclaimed, well-established facility of learning in the United States. What Duke Law holds in high regards is the tenacity of the law student. An ideal law student is someone who has great leadership skills and exemplifies this quality without or without provocation. Duke Law School looks for individuals who are enticed by academic challenges and who want to display their leadership qualities in an academic setting, a work-experience setting, and even through extra-curricular activities.

Duke Law School provides students with a variety of different courses regarding legal concentrations such as constitutional law, environmental law, immigration law, property law, and various other courses. These courses fall under different categories of degrees for the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students at Duke Law School are also encouraged to join various organizational groups and extra-curricular activities, to gain social experience and hone leadership skills. Besides the academic and organizational aspects, Duke Law also provides programming for work-experience, to help individuals implement their academic learning into practice.

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