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Facts about Cornell Law School

Cornell Law School

Cornell law school, which is affiliated under Cornell University of New York, is a highly competitive law school based around the concept of a strong law-based education, research methods, and overall exemplary teaching staff. Established in 1887, the ideal of Cornell law school was to emphasis research and philosophy, along with practical application in the world. Students from then and even students of most recent history have practiced law upon departing from Cornell law school, and many have even returned to teach expanding law courses.

When it comes to statistics and requirements for Cornell law, often the first considerations to be made are grade point average (G.P.A) and LSAT scores. For Cornell law, the average accepted G.P.A of an undergraduate student centers around a 3.6. In regards to the LSAT scores, the average score is a 167 in order for consideration. Cornell law holds high standards for prospective students, because the courses are challenging in nature, and require serious critical and analytical skills, as well as excellent articulation of thoughts and ideas.

Cornell law school offers a number of joint degree programs for students who are studying in Cornell University and Cornell law school; however Cornell law does offer higher degrees like a Master of Laws degree and other higher education degrees, for individuals seeking to build upon their current law foundation. Cornell law provides man clinical programs and international programs, in order to round out the education of its students.

Students are encouraged to gain hands-on work experience in businesses and firms around the area. And for those who seek to work in an international setting, international study programs can help individuals gain access to international work project and connections for post-graduation assistance.

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