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Facts about Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School is an academic foundation centered on its highly trained and accomplished academic staff, the school's diverse group of students, and their overall promise of an enriching and rewarding endeavor into the law education. Like many other law schools, Columbia Law offers higher education degrees that can open up doors in the academic and the professional world.

However, one of the aspects which is brought up in regards to Columbia Law School is its location. Columbia Law School is located in New York City; New York City is a metropolis of legal firms, businesses, and daily ventures that all run under laws and legal aspects. With Columbia Law in such close proximity to a number of law firms and business, it is no wonder that some of the most important programs they offer are clinical programs which bring the students out of the academic classroom and put them into work scenarios.

Under the close observation of legal professionals, Columbia Law Students are allowed to use their basic knowledge of law and academics, in order to speculate, create and assist with law related issues. Columbia Law School also helps to prepare the higher level academic students for the Bar examination. The Bar examination is what allows for licensing of legal professionals. Overall, Columbia Law School’s rich back-drop of New York City, skilled legal professionals, and high standards of excellence has created an image of the comprehensive and well-rounded law student/professional.

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