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Facts about Albany Law School

Albany Law School

Albany law school has the distinguished title being the United States' oldest independent law school. With this distinction comes a tradition of focus around the sole area of law education. Law education was once an endeavor forged through apprenticeship and eventual mastery of the tradition.

However, the founders of Albany law school agreed that though apprenticeship was an effective method of education, there was a greater need for the movement towards an establish academic facility devoted to the education of those who wanted to learn law. Thus, Albany law school moved from a concept into an actual establishment.

The location of Albany law school, being in the heart of the state of New York, is helpful in providing learning opportunities and clinical work programs, for individuals studying at Albany law school. The reason that it is a prime location for students is because Albany is home to the highest court in New York, and has many other facilities affiliated with state, federal, and local laws. This means that there are continuous openings for job and educational opportunities in the proximity of the school.

Albany law school provides undergraduate and graduate level degree options, for individuals who are looking to practice in law education. These degrees are used as platforms for various job opportunities, and can be indicative of qualifications that move individuals from prospective to accept in their respective fields of work.

The Albany law school provides 14 concentrations for students to study in: business law, civil litigation, criminal law, international law, heath law, estate planning, intellectual property, state law, family and elder law, environmental law, civil and constitutional rights, alternative dispute resolution, governmental administration and regulation, and labor and employment law. All of these can concentrations used within varying degree levels.

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