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The Truth about Law School Admissions

Law School Admissions

Law school numbers indicate that law school admissions are highly competitive. The law school admissions process is very competitive, whether at a highly ranked law school or at a less prestigious law school. Each year there are more than eleven thousand applications to a very selective number of law school admissions.

Law school numbers indicate that there are one hundred ninety nine law schools that bestow the first degree in law, the Juris Doctorate. There is another option for law school admissions in the Unites States Army Judge Advocate General's School. The graduates from the Judge Advocate General's School are known as JAGs, and made famous by the television show of the same name. JAG law school admissions and the completion of the program bestow an officer's resident graduate course, which bestows an advanced and specialized degree that falls beyond the basic Juris Doctorate.

An investigation of law school numbers indicates that five of the two hundred law schools that offer law school admissions are only provisionally approved by the American Bar Association.

Some websites and organizations claim to be able to compile law school numbers, including the rate of law school admissions, which may provide a collection of law school numbers that can be used to establish a nearly objective or at least more balanced ranking of the law schools in the United States of America. However, none of these ranking systems are officially recognized or supported by professional organizations.

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