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A Look at U.S. Law Schools

Law School

In the United States, there are various law schools and law school programs offered of the collegiate level. Though there are various types of law school programs and law schools that specialize in specific areas of the law, there are institutions which rank the top ten law schools in the United States. Depending on the institution or organization evaluating and ranking the law schools, there will usually be specific criteria or measures of quality that are employed to render the list of the best law schools in the country.

The top ten laws schools list will therefore vary depending on the organization ultimately compiling the list. However, there are certain law schools that will usually be found on the top ten list year after year. In general, the top ten law schools in the United States can be deemed as the following, in no particular order or rank:

Yale Law School

Harvard Law School

Stanford Law School

Columbia Law School

University of Chicago

New York University Law School

University of California Berkeley Law School

University of Pennsylvania Law School

University of Michigan

University of Virginia Law Schoo

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