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Imagine Yourself with a Law Degree

Law Degree

In the United States of America, individuals pursuing law degrees have three common options. The most common law degree is a Juris Doctor Law degree, also known as a J.D. This is a professional law degree. The highest academic law degree is a Legum Doctor, also known as a LL. D. or Doctor of Laws. From some institutions, the Legum Doctor Law degree is equivalent to a Ph.D. in law, while other law schools only offer this law degree as an honorary law degree. The final of the law degrees that can be obtained in the United States is the Doctor of Juridical Science. This is a research doctorate in law degree.

The Juris Doctor Law degree is translated from Latin as "Doctor of Laws." The "J.D." abbreviation associated with this law degree is taken from the title also being known as a Doctor of Jurisprudence. This law degree was first awarded by Harvard as the result of a growing movement to advocate for the scientific study of law. Unlike other law degrees, this law degree seeks to be the primary professional preparation for lawyers. Earning this law degree usually requires three years to complete.

The law degree Legum Doctor or LL.D is a doctorate level academic law degree. In some cases, however, LL.D. law degrees symbolize an honorary doctorate.

The Doctor of Juridical Science is the final of the common law degrees in the United States. It is either abbreviated as J.S.D or S.J.D. It represents a research doctorate in law, and is the highest possible law degree.

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