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The Best Way to Get into Law School

How To Get Into Law School

One of the most basic elements that will allow an individual to attend a law school is the law school resume of the individual who is applying to law school. An individual's law school resume may be used to supplement a law school application that does not have as strong an undergraduate grade point average or scores on the Law School Admission Test, or LSATs, as the normal applicant to a law school.

However, a law school resume that demonstrates an active undergraduate career may explain slightly lower grades, because it may reveal a well-rounded individual. If a law school resume demonstrates a high level of activity, especially if the items on the law school resume can be connected to law, it may make the application more appealing. Even individuals with a good grade point average and high LSAT scores can benefit from well-rounded resumes.

The defining feature of a law school application is the law school personal statement. The law school personal statement is used to identify and personalize the application, and serve to distinguish the individual from the many other applications to the law school. A strong law school personal statement can be the tie breaker between two equally qualified individuals if one of the applicants has a stronger or better written law school personal statement. A personal statement is important because an interview is rare.

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