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Taking the Washington State Bar Exam

Washington State Bar Exam

The Washington state bar exam is a unique law examination, as it excludes certain portions of the exam that are included in bar exams administered by most other states. The states of Louisiana and Washington due not include the Multi-State Bar Examination.

This portion of the exam is usually the section that is used to test an individual's knowledge regarding common law. Instead of administering the Multi-State Bar Examination, the state of Washington has increased the number of state specific essay questions provided on the exam. The Washington State Bar is a three day exam. An individual who is taking this law exam will be required to complete eighteen essay questions.

He/she will have 45 minutes to successfully answer each question. These essay questions cover a range of topics, including administrative law, family law, criminal law, Indian law, tort law, constitutional law, and business law. In addition, an individual will be asked about trusts, wills, and probate, as well as professional conduct and trial procedures.

In addition to the eighteen essay questions, an individual will be required to answer six questions regarding professional conduct. He/she will be given 22 minutes to answer each of these questions. There are restrictions placed on the length of an individual's answers to the essay questions. In order to successfully pass the Washington state bar examination, an individual must obtain at least a 70% on both the professional responsibility questions and the substantive essay questions. Go to to contact Washington lawyers who passed the state bar exam.

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