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Taking the New York Bar Exam

New York Bar Exam

The New York bar exam is a mandatory examination for law students who wish to practice law in the state of New York. The examination endures for a period of two days. During these two days, an individual will be required to answer questions about New York state law, as well as questions regarding common law.

The first day of the examinations is dedicated to the Multi-state Performance Test. This section of the test consists of a question that is designed to mimic a realistic legal undertaking that a potential lawyer may face in the future. This section of the test accounts for 10% of an individual's grade.

On this day, an individual will also complete five essay questions related to fundamental legal principles and New York state law. In addition, 50 multiple choice questions are administered on the first day of the New York bar exam. The multiple choice questions also concern the laws of New York State. The essays comprise 40% of an individual's final score, while the multiple choice question make up 10% of the score.

The Multi-state Bar Exam is administered on the second day of the examination. This portion of the exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions that focus on common law. This includes legal topics such as constitutional law, contracts, tort law, criminal law, and evidence. An individual will have six hours to complete this portion of the test. The Multi-state Bar Exam makes up 40% of an individual's final score. The New York State Board of Law Examiners posts both past and present New York bar exam results online.

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