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Taking the New Jersey Bar Exam

New Jersey Bar Exam

The NJ bar exam is a two day examination that assesses an individual's ability to successfully practice law in the state of New Jersey. On the first day of the examination, the Multi-state Bar Exam in given. This portion of the examination in multiple choice and tests an individual's knowledge about common law.

The Multi-state Bar Exam accounts for 50% of an individual's final score. The second portion of the NJ bar exam is administered on the second day of the examination period. It consists of seven different essay questions. The first four essays will be given during the morning session of the exam.

An individual will have three hours to answer these four essays. The remaining three essays will be administered in the afternoon, during a session that lasts for two hours and fifteen minutes. These portions of the exam also account for 50% of an individual's score, and each essay is worth the same amount of points.

The NJ bar exam results are posted online, usually around the end of November. Statistics regarding bar exam results in New Jersey indicate that, since 2005, over 70% of individuals who have taken the bar exam each year pass the exam. Individuals who pass the bar exam in the state of New Jersey are no longer required to complete the Multi-state Professional Responsibility Examination, as long as they have passed a professional ethics course in law school, with at least a C.

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