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The International Bar Association

International Bar Association

The International Bar Association was created in 1947 and continues to include many members which practice International law, Bar Associations and Law organizations from around the world. The International Bar Association works to enact change and reform, in questions of law that apply internationally. These changes influence legal standards and practices around the world.

There are over forty thousand member lawyers, as well as almost two hundred bar associations which belong to the International Bar Association. There are two divisions of the International Bar Association, including the Legal Practice Division and the Public and Professional Interest division, each of which has differing focuses. There are also various committees within each division of the Bar Association that have a sub focus within that field of law.

The International Bar Association distributes many publications to members, which handle issues of legal, moral and ethical standards. They also hold seminars which discuss the information provided in those publications as well as legal procedures and the implications of those procedures on questions of law around the world.

The International Bar Association also has a Human Rights Institute which seems to enact fair and standard legal practices around the world, to ensure equal human rights to all people, including legal rights. Those rights include the freedom for lawyers to practice law equally around the world, thereby ensuring that every person has access to legal representation, no matter where they are in the world.

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