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The Florida Bar Association

Florida Bar Association

The Florida Bar association currently has many members in the state, all of which are lawyers in good standing. Those searching for a lawyer that is a member of the Florida Bar association, simply have to go to organizations website and select the Florida Bar member search. There are many lawyers listed by specialty and location and individuals can be assured that lawyers listed under the Florida Bar member search, are lawyers in good standing.

The history of the Florida Bar association begins in the late eighteen hundreds when lawyers gathered together to form the Bar association. The group published legal journals, wrote court procedures and provided seminars for member lawyers. At the time, the group was completely voluntary and some lawyers chose not to join.

However, the late nineteen thirties included a recommendation by member lawyers, that all lawyers that practiced in the state of Florida be required to apply for the Florida Bar association. This was done to have a more cohesive organization of lawyers that could communicate with one another, learn from each other and have a standard of legal practice in the state. It was also hoped that there would be standard codes or moral and ethical practice for the field of law in Florida.

Since its inception, the Florida Bar association has grown immensely and has enacted great change in the field of law. Members are now able to access extensive legal information and each is required to practice law in a legal and ethical manner in order to remain members in good standing.

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